Company History

Dyana Romero CEO/Founder and Creative Director of the Dyanna Rosemary brand was born in Bogota capital to a beautiful country called Colombia in which she lived the first 24 years of her life and then was exported to the world. Her love for fashion and art in general developed since an early age and though the years she began to develop her own concepts. By the time she attended College her passion for fashion and all things related to it was flourishing full force and she had a clear vision of what she wanted to do in her life. In 2001 she was invited to participate in Bogota Fashion Week as a promising up and coming new designer. To have the opportunity to exhibit her work for the first time in such prestigious catwalk event gave me a great boost of confidence.Today Dyana is focused on developing an exclusive line of cruise and resort wear products that are beautiful, delicate, unique with the highest standards of quality.

Our Mission

This is an ambitious dream. As a brand we not only seek to provide our customers with the most exquisite and best quality products but also to establish ourselves as a living example of what corporate social responsibility should be. We take pride on our workforce and strive to give an opportunity to women to earn a living with pride, and dignity in a sweatshop free environment. They are allowed to work their craft and demonstrate their talents and creative skills while taking care of their loved ones. We offer flexible schedules, opportunity to work from home and above all, a fair pay for their work. Our goal is to support a better standard of living for women around the world and their families.


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